The necessity of joining skills and knowledge to be competitive in research, and the great personal friendship, as base of cooperation, induced, in 1996, Ernesto Chiarantoni, Andrea Guerriero and Vincenzo Di Lecce to conceive the idea of developing an on line 'virtual work space'. The following year witnessed the beginning of AeFLab construction at DEE Department, Polytechnic of Bari and contemporary at the II Faculty of Engineering in Taranto; that same year Cataldo Guaragnella joined the group taking part in this challenge. Now, after ten years, that laboratory has established itself at DIASS, a new department of Taranto Faculty, while the laboratory in Bari is going to get a redefinition of its structure. Unfortunately, not long time ago, a sad event occurred with the passing of Ernesto. The premature demise of our friend and colleague has been a huge loss from moral and scientific point of view. During these years other friends and colleagues have been included in this experience of a working community creation. Each of them has a specific role to perform in order to reach a common goal i.e. being a good researcher by working and cooperating within the Polytechnic as well as fostering collaborations with outside institutions and other research groups. Our common aim is cooperating with other people interested in sharing our vision/mission and enthusiastic spirit of working together. Currently the lab includes 4 Researchers and 21 people comprising PhD students, scholars and contract operators. The list of research activities and the relative publications as well as that relating to projects financed by public and private organizations is available on other pages of this website.